The grape at the origin

The fruit of ancient civilizations, the noble and complex raw material,
the grape is at the origin of Brandy …

In Dutch “brandewijn”  translates to “burnt wine”, which also means “distilled wine.”
The finesse of eau-de-vie requires a white wine with good acidity.
Each grape variety has its own characteristics.



The art of distillation

The wine is then distilled…

The column and the alambic still remain the distillation instruments used to extract all of the complexity,

vinosity, and fragrances of fresh wine. The alambic still allows a double distillation that respects the delicacy of the wine. Its history dates back to the ninth century. The traditional distilleries of France are today’s guarantors

of this art of distillation.



The Ageing Process

The different eaux-de-vie are then put in oak barrels…

This long time spent ageing in wood will reveal the qualities of each eau-de-vie, rounding it out and enriching it.

The French cooperages have strict rules for oak, needing to come from either “sessile” Tronçais Oak, or from “pédonculé” Limousin Oak. The quality of the wood will affect the extraction of tannins and vanillin.

The freshness of the cellar allows slow and harmonious ageing of the brandy.

The quality of the oak extraction depends on the tannins and vanillin. The freshness of the cellar allow for slow and harmonious ageing of the brandy.



(The) Blending secrets

This is a critical and essential step,
based on the expertise of the Master Blender…

As a perfumer would, the Master Blender will seek an eaux-de-vie sample with wine-like/vinous qualities,
another with dry fruit aromas, and a third with a touch of floral notes for a harmonious blend.
The diversity of the eaux-de-vie is essential to enrich the aromatic pallet.



Brandy Regulations

The brandy production is based on strict regulatory requirements…

European legislation is one of the few in the world that imposes the distillation exclusively of wine.
French regulations provide more rigorous controls of age accounts.
These are the necessary guarantees and conditions to distinguish a true brandy.

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