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Lucien Bernard

Distiller and producer of a unique collection of pure wine Eaux-de-Vie and trading house in Bordeaux (France) since 1928, Lucien Bernard is a major player in brandy and a partner to major spirits brands across all continents.

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The third most consumed spirit in the world, brandy –or distilled wine– dates back to the 14th century. Explore the history of brandy from its origins to its creative contemporary approaches and discover the secrets behind its elaboration.

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Our Products

Consistent with the company’s core values of quality, traceability and safety, Lucien Bernard offers buyers, creators and spirits brands a diverse palette of products, services and related recommendations.
Are you looking for a unique Eau-de-Vie or wish to create your very own brandy?

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Our Capabilities

Lucien Bernard owns the largest brandy cellar in Europe and the 2nd largest storage & ageing facility in the world. These unique facilities, located at the crossroads where Europe meets the rest of the world, are complemented by cutting-edge expertise and logistics to meet the demands of global brands and markets.

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The Journal

On a regular basis, Lucien Bernard will share company and industry news, consumer trends and regulatory developments with its partners and Brandy lovers around the world…

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Food Pairings with Brandy  

Often overlooked in the culinary world, brandy offers a palette of subtle flavors and elegance that makes it a valuable ally in gastronomy. Thanks to the richness of its aromatic palette, its versatility, and complexity, it pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes, whether sweet or savory. 

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