Lucien Bernard produces and offers a wide variety of 100% pure wine Eaux-de-Vie and brandies. Discover our offer and related services.

Our Eaux-de-Vie
and Brandies

Wandering through the cellars of Lucien Bernard means browsing an extraordinary collection of pure wine Brandies, unique in the world.
Our two strong points: diversity and singularity, when it comes to origins which extend over all continents. Both are necessary for our Master Blenders to come up with all kind of blends and styles.
Single or double distillation, various grape varietals, organic options and a full range of aging programs… This great wealth of pure wine Eaux-de-Vie makes Lucien Bernard the preferred partner of bulk buyers as well as developers and creators.


wine spirits


million liters currently ageing

From new-make or
aged Eaux-de-Vie to brandies
ready to be bottled,
we have the right solutions
to meet your needs.

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    every expectation,
    across all of our markets.

    Mixology, long drinks, premiumisation, the “craft” approach… The world of brandy is remarkably dynamic. Always attentive to the global market and its players, Lucien Bernard offers brand owners infinite blending possibilities, product profiles and services to suit their needs.
    Lucien Bernard also has an extensive understanding of the organoleptic and regulatory requirements in historical and emerging markets, and offers professional advice throughout the value chain as well as the assurance of being supplied with consistent blends year after year.

    The highest
    level of quality,
    traceability and food safety.

    A committed player in the production of brandy around the world, Lucien Bernard implements a quality policy that respects European and French legislation. Additionally, the company has been ISO 22000 certified since 2014 and is certified organic on a selection of products.
    Based on long-term relationships established with qualified partners and suppliers, the product traceability system is regularly tested, both internally and externally. All incoming and outgoing products go through systematic analysis handled by our in-house laboratory.
    For additional specific requests such as certified control of loaded or unloaded volumes or specific analysis, Lucien Bernard relies on external partners.

    Our certifications

    ISO 22000
    Food Safety Management

    European Organic Certification
    for a selection of our brandies